Thursday, October 17, 2002

Provocation leads to 18 stab wounds!

WINSTON Junior Duffriend was yesterday convicted� for the second time�of killing his estranged common-law wife.

This time around, however, his conviction was reduced from murder to manslaughter, when the jury concluded that the woman had provoked him.

Ramkissoon�s cousin, Jennifer Lewis, testified that she was in the kitchen area of the restaurant when she and Ramkissoon shared a joke. Duffriend claimed that he was the butt of the joke.

Being made fun of is a valid defense in Trinidad and Tobago now - for murder. But being abused by a man has NOT been accepted as a valid provocation defense. This seems to me to be really messed up. I guess we have to be really careful about the jokes we make, as violent reactions to such include being stabbed 18 times!

on a happier note - Jamaica's election came off with some violence, but PJ PAtterson has won an unprecedented 3rd term. Seaga has now led his party to 7 consecutive defeats - think he should step down and let the party reorganise itself? Hmmmm?

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Politics in Trinidad - the silly season.

OK - so the leader of the UNC party has just offered an "investment" of $1500 for every baby born in 2003. Is this ridiculous or what? This country is overpopulated. We don't have anywhere enough school places, enough jobs, and to encourage more babies to be born? I couldn't believe it when I heard.

If the idea is to improve the economic lot of the people of this country, why not give the $$ to girls who finish high school with good grades and don't get pregnant? Offer them the money towards further education. This will encourage them to NOT get pregnant young, to finish school and set themselves up for a better position in life! But NO...... that's not an option in this topsy-turvy land of ours.

I'm getting fed up!

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