Thursday, October 17, 2002

Provocation leads to 18 stab wounds!

WINSTON Junior Duffriend was yesterday convicted� for the second time�of killing his estranged common-law wife.

This time around, however, his conviction was reduced from murder to manslaughter, when the jury concluded that the woman had provoked him.

Ramkissoon�s cousin, Jennifer Lewis, testified that she was in the kitchen area of the restaurant when she and Ramkissoon shared a joke. Duffriend claimed that he was the butt of the joke.

Being made fun of is a valid defense in Trinidad and Tobago now - for murder. But being abused by a man has NOT been accepted as a valid provocation defense. This seems to me to be really messed up. I guess we have to be really careful about the jokes we make, as violent reactions to such include being stabbed 18 times!

on a happier note - Jamaica's election came off with some violence, but PJ PAtterson has won an unprecedented 3rd term. Seaga has now led his party to 7 consecutive defeats - think he should step down and let the party reorganise itself? Hmmmm?

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