Monday, February 20, 2006

Soca Broadway vs the residents of Woodbrook (or are they?)

Martin Dalye writes in the Trinidad Express:

"Take the Port of Spain Corporation. At a time when State discipline is meted out to Phase II, the Corporation is silent about the undisciplined operations of the nearby fete venue in the grounds adjacent to the National Stadium. These stadium grounds are totally unsuitable as a fete venue. They are adjacent to a major highway, which has intersections all around the stadium. The grounds are not properly fenced but the fete promoter is so favoured that the fence is actually being re-arranged to suit the temporary and unsuitable purpose for which the grounds are being used. There is a risk that revellers can gain entrance to the stadium

Every weekend is a horrific experience for the residents of Woodbrook -blasting noise until 4 or 5 a.m. and the disturbances created by revellers on their way home. One resident complained in a radio interview that at 6.45 a.m. on a Sunday he could not get his car out of his yard. His driveway, like all others in the area, was blocked by an indiscreetly parked vehicle. Ironically, he was trying to go to church and was cursed by drunks."

So - Martin Daly thinks that being next to a highway is a NEGATIVE for an entertainment venue? Duh!
One of the major problems with the entertainment venues in T&T to date has been lack of proper road access, lack of proper parking facilities, and a basic inability to get into or out of of the event for nearly 2 hours on each end, making a simple concert a whole-night affair.

The Woodbrook residents who complain (I am not one) abotu the noise must have bat-like hearing, because on most nights I do not hear a thing from that venue. I've heard it from the mariott hotel, but not from the Woodbrook side at all.
Also - most of us are cool with the venue - the "Woodbrook residents" who are marching and complainign are very few. We need to get hte rest of us marching in favor of Soca Broadway! How come Mr. Daly doesn't complain about the noise from the Little Carib that I hear every night? Or the pounding of the Invaders pan until the wee hours of the morning?
Is it that he likes pan so that's OK, but he don't like fetes?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Comeptition my a**!

As we get competition in cable, the one monopoly cable company gets taken over by the competition. So - not much competition there, eh? And then IMMEDIATELY my cable goes down. I get home from work at 9pm, and call. Customer service used to work until 10pm. And when they weren't there, the system took a message and they called me back.
Oh no! Not now - "The mailbox is full" GOODBYE! and the system hangs up! A full HOUR before customer service was supposed to close. WTH?
I now have to call from work, and then trustr they fixed it or run home in the middle of the day to ensure that my cable is working - and I came home early today to see Law and Order.
This is CRAP!

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