Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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Reuters article on WGIG
This article talks about the WGIG as the deciding group to solve the problems with the Internet by July. So - we will "SOLVE" spam, cybercrime, ITU vs ICANN, etc. By July!
Put this way - it's a joke. But the WGIG is serious and the people in it are serious about the mandate given - to develop a definition of Internet Governance, and to provide recommendations for mechanisms and processes for global, multi-stakeholder management of the Internet post-WSIS.
Why is it so difficult to get this point across?

UNDP-APDIP Internet Governance - Now open! Survey on Internet Governance: Unique Outreach through Twelve Languages, Everyone Welcome

UNDP-APDIP Internet Governance - Now open! Survey on Internet Governance: Unique Outreach through Twelve Languages, Everyone Welcome
Good tool. Please make an effort to visit and fill it in.

WGIG Open consultations... the concept of Multistakeholderism

The Rikomatic blog has some positive comments on the WGIG open consultation process.
This is interesting... so many of the comments that we've received to date are very negative on the draft issue papers. However, we are starting to receive lots of lovely comments on the process that we are going through. This is very good -
1. Because we believe that this process is really the way forward for global issue management
2. It's good to hear something positive about a job that one is doing for free and that takes up a lot of time and stress... good to get some warm fuzzies.

So - I'm currently in the informal meeting between the Civil Society and the Private Sector. This is very very cool, as there is definitely a meeting of the minds on some of these issues. We're working on finding ways to continue working together where possible. This is super important in this process, as sometimes it feels like PS and CS vs the Governments. So many of the Governments really dislike the concept of multistakeolderism. (yes - we are making up new words!!!)

We are all fighting to be heard in the process.

More later

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

GQ on the "Office wife" phenomenon

GQ magazine has an article about "office wives". This isn't a lurid sex on the photocopier type thing though, it's about the platoic male-female relationships that grow when you work closely with someone. You develop a shared history, shorthand, common references. I know the phenomenon well, as I can identify several occasions when I've had that kind of relationship with someone I work with. What's cool about it is that most times, you rarely see each other socially (outside the office), but they do end up knowing more about you than most anyone.

Fired for not smiling? What next?!?

This article from a US newspaper freaked me out. Connecticut apparently is a state in which your employer can fire you for whatever reason they want. That's bad enough, but to get fired for not SMILING enough? What the h***? And she wasn't a flight attendant, receptionist or any other "public face" of the organisation. So what does this mean for the Connecticut business future? If you have a boring homogenous workplace, that's the first step on the slippery slope to irrelevance and bankruptcy. How can creativity and innovation thrive when you fire people who don't have a grin pasted on? What happened to diversity in the workplace? What happened to the need to have the "outside the box" thinkers?
I hope she gets a better job at a place where her skills (I assume she has them) are better appreciated. And that the short-sighted closed-minded company that fired her gets a karmic backlash.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The great societal purge -

The great societal purge -
Review of a wonderful book by a very good West Indian writer - Robert Antoni. It's about Carnival - my spiritual well. I need it to refresh my soul, my creativity. It's where I come from. So - read the book.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mixed Gender Lessons Found in Fall of Fiorina

Well - Carly's gone from HP.
So here's an article on the gender implications of her firing.
Why must there be a gender implication? Cause she's female? Are there gender implications when a male CEO isfired?
Or is it that gender =woman? I don't think so, and neither does the Oxford Dictionary!
Mixed Gender Lessons Found in Fall of Fiorina

CaveBear Blog: Comments on the Working Papers of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)

CaveBear Blog: Comments on the Working Papers of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)

Some interesting comments on the 21 draft issue papers released by the WGIG after the first meeting.
More comments

We are currently in the middle of the Second Meeting of the WGIG, working on preparing a draft document to submit to the WSIS Prepcom next week.

I think that we may not have been clear at all about the purpose of the papers - they are meant to be background material, and not to form part of the report, but some people seem to be taking them way too seriously!

We've just spent nearly 2 days debating bits of the papers, but the substantive issues have been very lightly touched on.

Oh well - it will move along eventually.

The new Board of Directors of IGovTT

The new Board of Directors of  IGovTT  was presented with congratulatory letters by The Honourable Maxie Cuffie, Minister of Public Admini...