Friday, April 16, 2010

Updates from the Old Hilarians' Association


This is just a gentle reminder that the that the Joint General Meeting of the Old Hilarians' Association and the Foundation will be held in the staff lounge in New Anstey Building at Bishop Anstey High School on Wednesday 21st, April 2010 starting at 5:00pm.

The agenda is as follows:

1. Welcome and Opening Remarks
2. Presentation of St. Hilary’s Foundation Financial Report
3. Minutes of the Old Hilarians’ Association Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 29 April, 2009
4. Confirmation of the Minutes
5. Presentation of Hilarians’ Reports
a). President’s Report
b). SHIP’s Report
6. Presentation of Audited Accounts
7. Election of Officers 2010-2012
8. Appointment of an Auditor
9. Other Business

This is an opportunity for those Hilarians who are in Trinidad to be updated on the OHA's activities for the last year and to meaningfully inform the future of the Alumnae Association.

In order to participate, Hilarians who are not members will be required to pay membership dues ($100).

Light refreshments will be served.



Griot Productions is a new theatre production initiative of which the crew is an All-Hilarian Team – Isoke E Najeeullah, Efua Elisha Bartels, Tracey Michelle Lucas, and Tonya Evans.

Griot Productions is launching and producing Earl Lovelace's Jestina’s Calypso with a Gala Opening of the presentation on this Saturday (April 17th, 2010). The advertisement for this production is currently displayed as the Alumnae Group’s profile picture.

Tickets : Saturday 17th April, 2010 - GALA NIGHT - $150 - 8PM ; Sunday 18th April, 2010 - $100 - 6PM
Location: University of the West Indies Open Campus on Gordon Street, St. Augustine (opposite Hugh Wooding Law School)

For further information on Jestina's Calyspo you can e-mail, call 780-4127/ 762-0181/ 322-7643/ 478-4366 or check the Facebook event page:

This presentation is OWNED, PRODUCED and DIRECTED by Hilarians. So come out and support our Hilarian sisters!

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