Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Well - today there is more interesting stuff in the news- politically. (According to the Trinidad Express ) The MP for my area - Carlos John, decided to quit politics after he was visited by the police with a search warrant in a corruption investigation. (It was about a $500,000 cheque). His family pressured him to quit. Apparently now he's being pressured by "constituents" to stay in politics. I guess corruption isn't important to people in Trinidad.

Corruption destrys a country. It adds cost to everything, it removes the value of quality.Why don't we think it's important? How can a politician (not Mr. John) tell the country that - yes he has a very large foreign bank account, but it isn't our business where he got the money from? Can anyone say twilight zone here?

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

This is my first posting in a new blog - I hope to keep it up.
Trinidad is a bit stressful these days, if one pays attention to things - like the fact that we've had no parliament yet for over 7 months. Basically the government is running the country without a mandate from the country, and the citizenry is going along merrily without worrying about it!
To add insult to injury, our new chief justice just set a 2x murderer free. He killed a man with 42 blows from a kitchen knife, almost severing his head, while a friend held the man down. Guess what the reason was for setting him free? The CJ said that he was PROVOKED because the victim, a middle aged slightly built man, had propositioned the two young men. He said that a homosexual proposition was a reason to kill! That was a defense! No-one is taking it up as a cause, no-one is marching in the streets - we just go on to the latest party or concert.
What a place!

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