Nominet votes for Argentinian solution to net ownership

Nominet, the .uk registrar has put forward a sensible, reasoned position on Internet Governance. Read it here:

One very neat item is the succint breakdown of the proposals ont eh table re IG so far.
Despite there being eight proposals (from Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, EU, Iran, Japan and Russia), there are essentially three models being proposed.

1. The status quo PLUS: The system continues as is with ICANN in charge and a new forum is created that comes up with solutions to public policy issues i.e. dealing with spam or cybercrime or new top-level domains. (Africa, Argentina, Canada)
2. The hybrid: A new forum is created as well as a new body that is given overall control of ICANN. Essentially the hands-off US government role is replaced with a more hands-on international government consortium. (EU, Japan)
3. The government approach: A new body run by governments which takes over from ICANN. (Brazil, Iran, Russia)

And, as I have written here many times - I totally support Status Quo PLUS, as it si the most likely to succeed, and to get everyone close to what they really want.


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