Sunday, November 06, 2005

The U.N. Isn't a Threat to the Net
Sec Gen Kofi Annan has finally decided to set the record straight about the nefarious UN plans to "take over" the Internet!
As I've been saying for ages - WGIG never suggested that the UN take it over. Most of the proposals now on the table do NOT suggest UN control. All suggest no US UNILATERAL control. Unilateral is the serious issue here. So, the ideas range from no governmental control at all to a totally government-led oversight role (something along the lines of the UN Security Council, maybe)
So, as I have said many a time, my preferred solution (also along the lines of the IGP proposal out of Syracuse U) is for an independent ICANN, with no government oversight at all with regard to domain names and numbers, and an intergovernmental and multistakeholder forum for other public policy issues.

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