Comeptition my a**!

As we get competition in cable, the one monopoly cable company gets taken over by the competition. So - not much competition there, eh? And then IMMEDIATELY my cable goes down. I get home from work at 9pm, and call. Customer service used to work until 10pm. And when they weren't there, the system took a message and they called me back.
Oh no! Not now - "The mailbox is full" GOODBYE! and the system hangs up! A full HOUR before customer service was supposed to close. WTH?
I now have to call from work, and then trustr they fixed it or run home in the middle of the day to ensure that my cable is working - and I came home early today to see Law and Order.
This is CRAP!


sungoddess said…
I wholly agree! But Trinidad's customer service has always sucked right around.

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