Tuesday, July 30, 2002

This is my first posting in a new blog - I hope to keep it up.
Trinidad is a bit stressful these days, if one pays attention to things - like the fact that we've had no parliament yet for over 7 months. Basically the government is running the country without a mandate from the country, and the citizenry is going along merrily without worrying about it!
To add insult to injury, our new chief justice just set a 2x murderer free. He killed a man with 42 blows from a kitchen knife, almost severing his head, while a friend held the man down. Guess what the reason was for setting him free? The CJ said that he was PROVOKED because the victim, a middle aged slightly built man, had propositioned the two young men. He said that a homosexual proposition was a reason to kill! That was a defense! No-one is taking it up as a cause, no-one is marching in the streets - we just go on to the latest party or concert.
What a place!

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