Monday, August 30, 2004

Twelve - the band

Saw a really good band this weekend. It's called Twelve. The funny thing is that they have been toiling away, honing their craft, and they've now done a 2nd CD. I know the guys and I didn't even pay attention to their first CD. But they have my attention now. Appearances are so important, and unfortunately and artist in T&T has to be a jack of all trades - doing his own bookings, press, distribution, production, sales, marketing, you name it. And a musician isn't supposed to be good at all this- he's supposed to be good at writing songs, playing and performing them.
But we live in a place (T&T) where everyone is so creative, that there is no management. I've noticed this before in the theatre - management is scarce, but there are many actors and actresses, and these have to do their own box office, programmes, etc.

Is it that all ah we is stars?

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