Monday, September 27, 2004

Bits and pieces

Wow - I have had so many ideas to write on that I had paralysis - I didn't write anything at all. So I've decided to list what ideas are bubbling, and then I'll do it in order (pretty much)

  1. Journalists in T&T (are there any?)
  2. Feminism and race. Do we spend time looking for discrimination where there isn't any?
  3. Personal responsibility - why do we so often say - S/he MADE me do it? Was there a gun to your head?
  4. Apathy - why do I see so many people complaining every day, every street corner, etc., but never do anything, not even complain to the people who are making the "bad" decisions?
  5. Lack of compassion and caring - Grenada is in a total mess, but there is actually a large and vocal group in this country that says - fix us first before sending our $$ to help them! Unbelievable!
  6. 9 day wonders - we live in a land that has had an MTV attention span long before MTV!
  7. AND Cricket - lovely cricket. We won the Champions Cup. The team looked like a team. Lots of work still to do, but we would (as a people) still have abused the team if they got to the final but lost. What is it that we have with this obsession for first - nothing else counts?

OK - lots to think about. I'll try to write at least every other day, now that I've clarified some of the ideas.

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