Wednesday, February 23, 2005

WGIG Open consultations... the concept of Multistakeholderism

The Rikomatic blog has some positive comments on the WGIG open consultation process.
This is interesting... so many of the comments that we've received to date are very negative on the draft issue papers. However, we are starting to receive lots of lovely comments on the process that we are going through. This is very good -
1. Because we believe that this process is really the way forward for global issue management
2. It's good to hear something positive about a job that one is doing for free and that takes up a lot of time and stress... good to get some warm fuzzies.

So - I'm currently in the informal meeting between the Civil Society and the Private Sector. This is very very cool, as there is definitely a meeting of the minds on some of these issues. We're working on finding ways to continue working together where possible. This is super important in this process, as sometimes it feels like PS and CS vs the Governments. So many of the Governments really dislike the concept of multistakeolderism. (yes - we are making up new words!!!)

We are all fighting to be heard in the process.

More later

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