Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Brian Charles Lara - why they beating up on him so?

Lara is a great batsman, but he's awful, selfish and bad for the team? Where's the evidence of this? I haven't seen that. I've seen a man who has had the misfortune of trying to lead a team that has had some of the most mediocre talents ever seen (e.g. Courtney "can't catch a cold" Browne), has had no stability whatsoever, where new talents are thrust into the crucible of Test cricket without proper preparation and unceremoniously removed, their career hopes in dust, after they failed (as they could be expected to - having had no development or preparation from the WICB Development Committee)
Through this all, he has taken the weight of the reputation of the Windies on his shoulders, with support at times from Chanderpaul, Gayle, recently Sarwan. He's managed by prolific batting to keep us from being relegated to the dungheap of cricket. Now - we aren't far from it, but still!
Lara's the reason the Windies are in a mess!?! Why? Because so many people (READ WICB here) are so het up about him that they will prefer to destroy the team rather than give him any credit.
Or because he can bat amazingly and so when he's there no-one else feels they have to step up and put runs on the board?
So - dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn't.
I think Brian should hold on as long as wants to, then retire. To hell with the Board. History will be much kinder to him than those nattering idiots in the cricket press - Colin Croft not least among them!

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Anti said...

you are harsh on Croft.
No one (Crofty too) ever denied Lara's place among the best there ever was, but, his record as Captain was embarrassing.
You can of course point to the team as the true reason for that, but I think it was more than justified to appoint someone else.

I too, have never witnessed any semblance of selfishness on his part but you and I have to accept those saying it may know a bit more than we.

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