Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hurricane - first one to hit Trinidad in recorded history

Hurricanes always miss Trinidad. They hit Tobago, most famously and destructively in 1963 (Flora) and Grenada (Ivan, 2004). But Trinidad, NEVER! At the last minute, they always veer North or East, and we don't even get rained on.
Well, all good things must come to an end. Tropical Storm Emily is heading our way. Not turning North at all. 12:30 PM the PM gave an order for everyone to go home. I was lucky - living 2 miles from work, it only took me 1 hour! Makes no sense for the entire country to get out onto the roads at the same time! Good thing the storm is only scheduled to hit 6 hours later.
So - I decided to start the blog on this. Lets see how it goes.
I've got the water, taped the windows, checked batteries for flashlights, radio, etc., cleared the yard of anything that might fly (debris, furniture etc) while being laughed at by my neighbours, as it wasn't raining.
So I'm inside, checking the NOAA site and waiting.


Pippa said...

Have there been any Hurricanes in your area since this post??? I've got to come down to the southern caribbean on a sailing yacht in a month's time, and am wondering which island to choose!

Anonymous said...

i was having was a day off work for me!!

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