Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Day 3 at the Prepcom

Day 3 at the Prepcom
I arrived yesterday afternoon, and went straight into a Gender Caucus drafting team meeting. As I hadn�t slept for a couple of days with the traveling, and am also recuperating form a bad bout of the flu, it was difficult going, but I believe that we did get some consistency and sense into the GC contribution on Chapter One of the Operational Part � at least up to Para 7. More needs ot be done. There�s a awful lot of writing that has t happen here, and it needs to be fast.
After a good night�s sleep ( almost 14 hours!) I have fought off the fever that attacked me last night, and an currently in the IG Subcommittee A meeting room.
As there is no draft or even a drafting group yet, we are still in the process of hearing general statements on the WGIG report and such.  Civil Society wants to submit their general document on Friday, so the various caucuses need to finalise soon. The Gender Caucus� submission is in drafting stage, despite leaks of draft copies to certain mailing lists.
So � while I�m in this room I have to make lots of edits.
Unfortunatley, the GC has also decided to have daily meetings � I certainly won�t be able to make those, as I have already agreed to a full schedule, which included 4 GC events. (3 main meetings and 1 joint panel with APC)

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