Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wiki on Internet User�s Participation in ICANN

Wiki on Internet User�s Participation in ICANN
Thsi is a new wiki set up to assist in working on the following project:

Help to strengthen Civil Rights and Consumer Protection in ICANN�s policies!

The question of how Internet Governance is shaped is one of the central sociopolitical tasks of the coming years. It will be a matter of how consumers and Internet users can become involved in the policy making of ICANN.

There is a civil society element in ICANN, the At-large Advisory Committee (ALAC), composed to represent Internet users, five regions in world each providing 3 representatives. At this point these representatives are chosen by a nominating committee of ICANN and its Board. However, the goal is to build structures to foster participation in the respective regions, and furthermore facilitate the direct election of regional ALAC representatives.

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