Thursday, June 15, 2006

T&T vs England

My lord... it took us nearly 2 minutes to touch the ball in the match. And then at 2:10, a very weak shot to Shaka Hislop. There's 15 of us squeezed into a small room with a 32" TV - we have to beat our previous colonial masters!

4:30 in -- 86 minutes to go... that's all we have left. But then a shot on goal - Shaka with a very unothodox save - TWICE!!!
6:45 - Carlos Edwards marking Crouch - he's been moved to right back!

What are our tactics? Free kick very badly taken. That might have been our best chance... did Dwight take a shot or was it a pass?

England counter attack -Beckham missed by a mile!

OK - took a break - Dwight down with a very low blow. I'm distracted ... we're singing and clapping the Shaka song. Shaka Shaka!!!
Now - the song is London Bridge is Falling Down... or is that premature, especially on the Queen's birthday. A New World Order here today?

Nil-all at half time - but by rights we should be ahead by one - England's Terry cleared it off the line with the keeper nowhere in sight! 3 defenders to scramble Stern John's header off the line - I so expected it to be in the back of the net!

Rooney comes in - is England so worried that they will risk the rest of the world cup just to avoid a draw agaist little T&T? But the wisdom here in Woodbrook, is that - We can't worry about Rooney - we are Warriors, not Worriers!!!

Finally!!! England gets a yellow card - we've been held to a higher standard all along.

England looks really worried! Beenhakker, our fave Dutchman looks very cool. He's even good at singing calypso!
We're looking composed, we have it together. The English look a bit worried and flustered. I wonder why... we haven't scored...

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