Monday, June 04, 2007

Women not participating in IG processes?

This is an update on the 2007 ICANN Nominating Committee (Nom Com).
The Nom Com received 93 Statements of Interest from candidates worldwide during an open nomination period that ran from 1 February 2007 to 18 May 2007. 12 candidates are female, 81 are male.

That is a ratio of 0.14 female applicant to every 1 male applicant in the technical governing body for the Internet.

This is a serious problem. The Internet is a vital part of the infrastructure for development. We cannot afford to have such a large gender gap - it will result in policies and processes that are not adequate and relevant to 50% of the world's population.

I know that women are grossly underrepresented in the technical community, and in the international internet governance arena as well. In IG, we tend to cluster in the ICT4D space, and not involve ourselves in the technical areas. But these areas are where policies that will shape the future Internet re being debated and implemented RIGHT NOW! We need to participate in these areas.

The NomCom this year had many issues getting candidates. Vint Cerf even posted a plea on YouTube and discussed it in the International Herald Tribune. Despite this, we get 81 male and only 12 female applicants for 9 open positions.

What can we do to get more women involved? I am out of ideas.


Telojo V. Onu said...

Hi Jacqueline, I am a female, ICT consultant and I would like to involved in Internet Governance. I am from St. Vincent & the Grenadadines and actually doing my Masters in E-Governance. How can i participate?

Jacqueline said...

Lots and lots of ways. You can get involved with the Caribbean ICT mailing list, you can get involved with the At Large from ICANN ( you can follow the processes at the Internet Governance Forum, (, join the Governance mailing list - if you can email me directly, I can give you a lot more contacts to start getting involved.
BTW - there is a Caribbean Internet Governance meeting going on now in St Lucia!

Telojo V. Onu said...

Hi Jacqueline,

Wow, I tried to sign up on the Internet Governance Forum, but there is no option to reply to discussions have to have the webmaster check that out.
But I can see that we definately need to do a lot of work in that arena.

I wish i could be in St. Lucia had I known, but I am in Switzerland attending a conference on Egovernance. But nonetheless, I think the CTU could do with a little boost. I was speaking to someone at my Institute and there may be some research partner opportunities to explore the whole issue of egovernance in network industries and innovation of ICTs.
I remember going to a meeting like two or three months ago, sponsored by the EU through the CRNM when were looking to expand the mandate of the CTU to embrace ICTs. Of course at the CARICOM level they really do not see it as a priority.... how sad really.

Anyway.. I will try and get ahold of Bernadette, I think that was the lady at the CTU, if they might have an interest in exploring some egovernance research in the region?

I am really not very familiar with the CTU as they were only focusing on Telecoms and my interest has always been in ICTs as an extension. So are they a Government entity? or Non Profit, just supported by Governments? That i am not too clear of... and have they been able to influence governments on the who issue of egovernance?

I think the region is still stuck in the first phase of egovernment... when i did the UWI certificate course in Egovernance.. the focus was heavily on Egovernment i.e E-Administration and Digitization vs leaning more on the issue of Governing ICTs and Governing with ICTs.

We need to actively explore this other areas.

I will get involved with the At Large from ICAAN and what is the link to the Caribbean ICT mailing list?

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