Thursday, June 05, 2008

DVD piracy in T&T

The Trinidad Guardian -Online Edition Ver 2.0

The copyright law has been changed to strengthen penalties and make it easier for police to prosecute pirates. It will come into effect soon. But according to this article, people still don't seem to realise what piracy is and that it's wrong.

He immediately retorts that he doesn’t sell pirated movies. Only screeners or originals at TT$10 (US $1.50) each.

He has a code of business conduct akin to that of Robin Hood.

“Even if people say we are pirating, we are making it cheaper for the small man to watch movies. These people in Hollywood are already millionaires.

Screeners are not to be sold! And he sells COPIES of originals and screeners.  And  he says "even if people say we are pirating"?  He is pirating. The law, not "people" says it's illegal!

Another quote -

At a store in Aboutique Mall, DVD’s were flying off the shelves in a brisk trade. DVDs could be bought for $5. A salesman said that they were selling out stock and hoped to re-stock with originals and start a DVD rental business.

One provider said he purchased the material off the Internet and made arrangements for payment either through credit card or cheque.

The attraction?

“It costs $3 to burn so you make about 200 per cent profit on a sale. And you can copy about seven copies in ten to 15 minutes,” said one provider.

The movies retail between $5 to $10 and the cost of a player is about $300. Plus, it’s much cheaper than cable television or a trip to the movies.

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