Thursday, August 28, 2008

Comprehensive Study Shows IPv6 Shift Isn't Happening

When just under 1,200 people attending a meeting can produce the largest spike in IPv6 traffic in the last year, you know that something is wrong.

Arbor Networks measured IPv6 traffic across nearly 2,400 backbone and peering routers, across 87 ISPs scattered worldwide, at five-minute intervals for June 2007 through June 2008. The resulting data was used to produce what the company considers to be the most comprehensive study of IPv6 data to date.

And the news is quite grim.

According to Arbor, the amount of inter-domain IPv6 traffic measured over the entire year was just 0.0026 percent of overall IPv4 traffic. Two spikes were also measured, between Nov. 4 and Christmas 2007, pushing the peak percentage to 0.012 percent. Put another way, about 600 Mbits/s of IPv6 traffic was recorded, versus 4 terabytes per second of IPv4 traffic. In total, Arbor tracked 15 exabytes of traffic; the sum of all human knowledge is generally considered to be 4 exabytes, Arbor executives said.

Overall, the proportion of IPv4 traffic to IPv6 traffic remained relatively constant over the life of the study.

Read more here...Comprehensive Study Shows IPv6 Shift Isn't Happening

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