Monday, September 15, 2008

Thoughts on Sarah Palin

I think it's interesting that Sarah Palin is a product of feminism. Feminism allowed her to be able to go into politics, to get a college degree, to have a house husband while she forged a career in politics, and to be picked as the 2nd female VP candidate, and the first Republican female VP candidate The gains that have been made are not gains for one type of person, but for all women.  It is a fact that she will go down in history for at least the pick by McCain. If they win, she'll definitely be a chapter in history books.

She believes pretty much what Bush 43 believes, what many Republican politicians believe. So why is there such hysteria about her? Just because someone's female and benefited from feminism doesn't mean that there's a duty for all women to toe the same line, to believe the same things. There are many many men and women in the US who hunt, who are "pro-life", who belong to churches that are very similar to hers.

We may not like her views, we may not agree with her, but she has a right to them. We also have a right not to vote for her. I personally think she's not experienced enough, and it's scary that she has no foreign policy experience, but the US has voted for similar people before (George W. Bush didn't get a passport until he was President!)

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