Friday, March 27, 2009

Derek Walcott joins race to become Oxford professor of poetry | Books |

Oxford Grads - vote for Walcott!!! Yes, that includes you Joanna, my beloved sis!

"The literary establishment is picking sides following the news that Nobel laureate Derek Walcott has entered the race to become Oxford University's professor of poetry. Ruth Padel had already announced her intention to run for the 300-year-old post, which is seen as the most prestigious in poetry behind that of the poet laureate."

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Walcott is a marvellous, brilliant poet but I wonder if a university post is really the right place for him, given that he has twice now been accused of seriously sexually harrassing young female students and offering them sex. There's lots about the two cases on google but, Jacqueline, did you see this piece from the normally very objective World Poetry Suite?

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