Monday, April 20, 2009

Castro Chides Summit Secrecy, But Likes Obama's Sleep Habits

Definitely a reason for the Summit to re-tool itself. It has gotten way too complex and expensive for smaller/poorer countries to host. Basically it is costing itself OUT of the region! Few countries in LAC have the resources to hot it anymore. T&T is an anomaly in that it is VERY small, but also has ridiculous amounts of resources in the people (accustomed to and trained in pulling off massive events like our Carnival) and our gas revenue.

Castro Chides Summit Secrecy, But Likes Obama's Sleep Habits: "'I did some thinking. I calculated how much all that would cost and I suddenly realized that no other country in the Caribbean could afford the luxury of putting on a similar show, that the seat of the summit is immensely rich, a sort of United States surrounded by small poor countries.'

'Could Haitians with their extremely rich culture, or Jamaica, Grenada, Dominica, Guyana, Belize or any other, host such a luxurious summit?' he wondered."

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