Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Domain tasting report shows massive drop

Got this from Alan, whose hard work started and pushed this initiative through the complex processes of ICANN. Congrats to Alan, ALAC and ICANN, for actually following through on an ALAC advisory and proposal!

ICANN posted today about the impact of the AGP Budget Provision and the AGP Limits Policy on Domain Tasting.

In short, the changes are dramatic. There were 17,668750 AGP deletes in June 2008. Following the ICANN budget levy on excessive deletes, the number decreased to 2,785,605. With the implementation of the AGP limit policy in April 2009, the total number of AGP deletes was 58,218, an overall decrease of 99.7%.

Put another way, in June 2008, for .COM, there were 2,122,794 net new domains added, and an additional 15,738,292 domain names added and then AGP-deleted for an AGP delete rate of 741%

In April 2009, there were 2,084,868 net new domains added, and an additional 37,519 domain names added and then AGP-deleted for an AGP delete rate of under 2%.

Under the policy, an AGP-delete rate of 10% is allowed without financial penalty, per registrar, to allow for exceptional conditions. It was expected that few registrars would exceed this 10% and in fact in April only 22 registrars exceeded 10%, and there were only 432 excessive AGP-deletes.

As the organization that started this entire policy process, At-Large and ALAC can be proud of the results.

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Dan said...

Well I'm not sure why you would want to taste a domain, but I sure could use some help on figuring out how to find expired domains! Good ones, specifically... it's hard to find domains with good metrics that haven't been spammed to death!

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