Monday, May 17, 2010

OpenBook Searches Your Facebook Status Updates

I did a search, and wow! My status updates seem to be safe, but so many Trinis are wide open!

OpenBook Searches Your Facebook Status Updates

OpenBook's Search Window
If you're an open tweeter, you know that whatever you tweet is available for general, public consumption. Facebook, by contrast, is a less intrinsically public forum, meaning that even if you update a status on a completely public profile, you can usually rest assured that it won't pop up on some random person's news feed, or in some random person's keyword search. Not anymore, though, thanks to a new site that aims to remind us how open our information is... by exposing it.

Called OpenBook, the new site allows users to search through every single public status update on Facebook, effectively providing lonely Web voyeurs with newfound hours of creepy entertainment. By default, and for no apparent reason, the search engine automatically searches statuses for the term "playing hooky," but also suggests that users try searching for other terms like, "don't tell anyone," "HIV test," and "rectal exam." Fun for the whole family!

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