Monday, June 28, 2010

Australia to ban ultra-skinny models

Hmmm - I think that they should ban unhealthy models, but there is a range of healthy, including some naturally very skinny. I think that we need to tell people that whatever they are naturally is good, and they should not try to change, as long as they are healthy. Banning people because they are "too skinny" comes from the same philosophy as banning them because they are "too fat" or "too short" or "too tall". All are judgmental and do not support a philosophy of supporting diversity, healthy and normal body ranges. I was very healthy and active in my teen years, but my ribs showed (back and front), and I could have been called unhealthy, but I certainly wasn't.

But I do like the bans on those stupid weight-loss adverts. If only they could mandate them to be replaced by adverts for healthy choices, including diverse models.
Australia to ban ultra-skinny models |

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