Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Minister of Works calls to establish computer codes of practice in Trinidad and Tobago

Such idiocy.

But it goes beyond. What exactly is this "computer code of practice" about the use of computers? Where? My personal computer, that I bought and paid for? The Govt is to tell me what to do with it? That is censorship. In a free country, Dr. Rambachan would use his computer the way he wants to, and we will all use ours they way we want to.

<< Rambachan said codes of practice “might have to be developed for the use of computers and technology that is not inimical to progress, but at the same time it does not destroy the value systems in society”. Rambachan said the nation had to “behave like a developed country” so that people will not be “short changing” themselves. >>
Shortchanging themselves? By using technology how they wish to? The shortchanging  would be if they allowed the Government to implement central control over personal  technology use. Developed countries - do we want to be like Russia, which recently implemented restrictive laws against bloggers?  This curtailment of individual rights is happening more and more, and it's not a path we should be going down.

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