Friday, November 08, 2002

Wow - it's been a while! This has not been a daily bog for some time now. But I hope it's still interesting.

I've gotten another job (I'm back at TIDCO - the Tourism and Industrial Development Company Ltd) - but now I'm, in Marketing instead of IT. I do the websites. There are quite a few, and they've been sadly ignored for a while.

There's some really interesting things about this job. Everyone knows better than us about how to market Trinidad and Tobago. It's so weird. All we hear about is what we're doing wrong in their opinion. But, if local people aren't our target market for Tourism advertising, then how would they really know what we're doing, and if it's effective? Doesn't stop everyone from the hairdresser to the waitress to the taxi driver from telling me how to do my job.

It's annoying sometimes. It's good that they care, but not enough to stop littering and making the beaches look like garbage dumps, though!

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