Friday, December 16, 2005

Randal Pinkett - DDN member wins "The Apprentice"

Very cool info - the Digital Divide Network member, Randal Pinkett, CEO
of BCT Partners and board member of NTEN, last night was voted the
winner on Donald Trump's APPRENTICE program.
Andy Carvin writes "he's bringing
awareness to the role African American entrepreneurs are playing in
technology activism and the digital divide."
William Lester writes "It was an impressive accomplishment - the competition was strong and the tasks daunting. For those who know Randal personally,the win should be no surprise. Randal's skills and talent are matched by his fairness, warmth, and commitment to helping others."

See more on Randal here:

Being in these networks is interesting - I get to interact with such diverse and interesting people.
My profile on DDN is here - I don't blog there, as it is too time-consuming to blog everywhere, and my personal blog contains EVERYTHING I want to write about... much easier to manage.

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