Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Republic of Cedros, Trinidad, Caribbean

The Republic of Cedros, Trinidad, Caribbean, Tourism, Development
I just got this link kind of as a joke. But... read carefully - it is quite serious with regard to the development and community action suggestions for the Cedros area.
Nice site as well - only problem - who is responsible for this? No names are on the site. That's bad.


Anonymous said...

Yes it's bad they have no names... I went over to the site, and I'm curious as to who would go to such elaborate lengths on something like this. It's amazing the amount of information included on the site, and it's clearly well thought out, so why no names?

Hassan Voyeau said...

Registrant ID

Registrant Name
raphael sebastian

Registrant Street1
bridgemohansingh st

Registrant City
Bonasse Village, Cedros

Registrant State/Province

Registrant Postal Code

Registrant Country

Registrant Phone

Registrant Email

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