Sunday, July 02, 2006

Back to real life - no more World Cup

So, Trinidad and Tobago is back home, as is Argentina and shock of shocks, Brasil. So my World Cup is over - not sure who I want to win less, England or Germany. But I won't be getting into that now.

Just back from the ICANN meeting in Marrakech. Lovely place, excellent shopping, even if the bargaining is tiring.

ICANN's hot topics at the meeting:
  • NTIA consultation on ICANN
  • IDNs
  • IGF
  • Strategy Committee

ALAC's moving forward - Africa and LAC regions have started moves toward building the regional organisations (RALOS) and Asia Pacific is ready to enter the MOU with ICANN. Europe is moving ahead, having done a really good consultation in Frankfurt recently.

I'll update with a lot more on the Marrakech meeting in a bit.

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