Monday, December 22, 2008

Relocate flood victims?

Yeah, lets see  - living on a river bank in a flood prone area - maybe you should NOT live there and complain that water comes into your home! Duh - of course they should be relocated!

Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert says the ultimate solution to the flooding that has been experienced by those who live close to river banks in flood prone areas may be to have them relocated.
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ICourtney said...

Well said. It is time that we relocate people who live in flood prone areas. And also replant the hills with native trees.

Jacqueline said...

Yep - when I see people in Bangladesh complaining that "The Ministry KNOWS that the river passes through here... they should put pumps" - If you KNOW the river passes through your house, why put your house in the path of the river? And worse yet, then demand that the taxpayers replace your fridge, beds etc. If you put your house in the path of a river or on a river bank, it's teh same as if you threw your furniture into the river. And I should pay for that? The Government has no money. It's OUR money, mine, yours, everyone who pays taxes - but I forget, many squatters are not employed, so don't pay taxes!

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