G.ho.st Twitters From Amazon Web Services

G.ho.st was founded in 2006 to develop what founder and CEO Zvi Schreiber calls a global hosted operating system (hence the name G.ho.st). The company's platform is a combination of Java-developed server software running on Amazon Web Services and Flash-Java browser code.For users, G.ho.st provides Web applications (Google Docs, ThinkFree, Zoho), e-mail (Zimbra, Meebo IM), file storage, and keyword tagging in an integrated, browser-accessible environment. That includes, at no cost, up to 5 GB of file storage and 3 GB of e-mail storage. G.ho.st refers to it as a virtual computer. The G.ho.st environment is accessible from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, with Chrome and Opera support planned.
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