Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The power of myth and Barack Obama - part 1

Heard the news of Barack's grandmother's death. Thought about the role of death as transformative in mythology. Death sacrifice always gives a great boost along the path towards a difficult goal. The timing of this death fits so perfectly with all the great myths - great sorrow and great reward go together - it's as if the sacrifice is necessary to finally achieve the reward.

I wonder if his grandmother knew this deep down somewhere, and realised that Monday was the best day to die to support her grandson and his strong ambition ?

Barack and his supporters have invoked mythology at every turn. It is fitting that it happens again, as he stands on the brink of success...

Of course, another theme in mythology is the need for the hero, once he has achieved what he "wants" and has striven for, to fail badly in the role, go through another transformation and come out at the end as the shining beacon he was meant to be.
A question to think about is - is this the first mythological victory for Mr. Obama, or the second? If this is the first, we look forward to a spectacular failure. If the second, then a true golden age for the US is about to dawn. I know which one I think it is...

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