Sunday, November 09, 2008

44 women murdered in T&T so far this year...

In Trinidad and Tobago, 44 women have been murdered this year to date.
That's double the number from last year.

So Obama's in the White House, all's well with the world?

Not when women (the majority of the population) are being murdered in ever-increasing numbers, when US media commentators are not censured for abusing female candidates in ways that they would not dare to do to an african-american male; when in the Cairo courts last week, the magistrate informed the male accused on the best way to beat his wife without running afoul of the law;

and we are 52% of the population.

The world rejoices when a representative of a 15% minority wins an election, but what about the total lack of representation world wide of the 52% majority?

Women don't have anywhere near proportional representation in ANY government.

So when will I have a reason to go out into the streets and celebrate?

When the promises of Beijing are finally met, when half of our population is no longer paid less for the same work; when we are fully represented in the halls of government and in the White House; when we no longer live in fear of our husbands, our fathers, our brothers; when the courts of law cannot say provocation is a defense for the violence of rape; when anyone who expresses misogynistic views on cable or network television is treated as severely as if s/he expressed a racist view; when our daughters are proud to be female and have all the opportunities that should be there for the 52% majority of the population!

THEN I will put on my t-shirt, I will cry on television, I will run down the streets rejoicing.

Until then - I will contiue to work for TRUE change, change we can ALL believe in - change for the unrepresented and abused MAJORITY of the people of the world.

Change for the WOMEN of the world!

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