Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trinidad leading gender equality!

Good news - maybe the day is coming when I can rejoice!

 GENEVA, Switzerland, November 12, 2008 -

Trinidad and Tobago not only leads the Caribbean and Latin America in closing the gender gap, but it's among the top 20 countries in the world making that progress, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2008 released today.

The twin-island republic jumped 27 spots up from its ranking last year to be number 19 in the survey of 130 countries this time around.

"Trinidad and Tobago makes a remarkable climb up the rankings to hold the highest position in the region and to become the only country from the region to hold a place among the global top 20," the report said. "This is partly due to an improvement in the economic participation and opportunity sub-index, but can be mainly attributed to an increase in the number of women in parliament."

Argentina, at 24, is the second-highest ranking country in the region this year, moving up nine places due to an overall increase in political empowerment, driven by large gains in the percentage of women in parliament and among those holding ministerial level positions. Cuba, a new entrant last year, fell three places to 25; while Barbados, one spot down, took the fourth highest spot in the region as it entered the ranks for the first time this year.

Suriname (79), Bolivia (80), Belize (86), Mexico (97), Paraguay (100) and Guatemala (112) occupy the lowest positions in the region.

Norway leads the chart, followed by Finland, Sweden, Iceland and New Zealand. The United Kingdom is at 13 while the United States is ranked 27.
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Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the term "gender issues" is a tad bit too narrow. Certainly there have been attempts in the recent past to broaden the appeal of modern feminism by including the LGBT community, the economically displaced and even to co-op the environment.

On all of these fronts Trinidad and Tobago is sadly lacking or incredibly backward (choose your pick).

It's NOT enough to point to the number of women we have in the nation's Parliament or government when their power extends to what the (very patriarchal) Prime Minister will allow or suppress (case in point, the Gender Policy that was thwarted).

It is very telling that, at this moment of female empowerment (better educated; higher-paying jobs; more options within and without the home; etc.), there are inccreased incidents of (reported) rape, domestic violence and incest.

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