Monday, August 05, 2002

How do people connect in the fluid societies that are being formed by globalisation? People are being torn adrift from the old family-based social structures. When I was in the States, most people were thousands of miles from their families, and they formed new family structures from their friends. They didn't go home for Christmas etc. They cut off from parents and family, and make new ones. Huge numbers of people are very lonely, and are turning to the Net to form relationships, as people have a real need for other people. And then, in the beginning, communities were not a big part of the net, now they are. But I've also noticed, many of the communities have a real-world counterpart - like parties, mixers etc. People still want that face to face. I was amazed at the number of Trinidadians and other West Indians on some of these dating sites, becuase Internet penetration is still not that high in T&T. Our society is starting to change as well, apparently

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