Sunday, August 04, 2002

Missed a couple of days. That's not good, but I have returned! Perseverance is something that is grossly underrated and is also in short supply nowadays.

I've been hanging out. Went to a bar/restaurant yesterday for lunch. There were some students there who had just finished exams - a mix of male and female, all in their early twenties. I felt like an anachronism - they were LOUD, crude, and they seemed to have only one or two adjectives - some variation of f**king... They all seemed very unattractive to me. The girls were all overweight and unfit, the boys skinny and short. Their talk was inane, the grammar non-existent, and the vocabulary pathetic.

Thinking about the state the country would be in if there are the people getting degrees and moving to the top of the professional ranks depressed me totally! Where will we be in 15 years unless they learn FAST? Which I doubt, as they don't seem to value the thngs I've been talking about here.

Interesting, because I just read in the Atlantic Monthly about the "Organisation Kid" - how American kids at college are so docile, hard-working, conformist. I wish we had some of those problems here - at least the hardworking.
In Trinidad I believe we have an entrenched culture of entitlement. Everyone feels entitled to something, and there is no culture of having to work for it.

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