Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Spent the day today trying to get a dead dog removed from my premises. I called around to every Government agency that I could think of, and they were all unhelpful. Shouldn't a dead animal be of interest to the Health and Safety department of the Government? All they would tell me is that it's a private matter. The dog was rotting, not my dog, and flies were infesting the neighbourhood. Eventually I paid someone $250 to remove it. Suppose I was poor, or a pensioner or otherwise unable to spend that sum to have it taken care of privately? Would the Govt have left it there, causing a health hazard for ever? What is the role and function of the health departments? They are even having problems spraying for mosquitoes int he middle of a dengue epidemic that is killing people here.

Oh well - the trials of living in a third world country !

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