Wednesday, August 07, 2002

I'm tired today. I heard that the police didn't offer ANY forensic evidence in the Christopher Lynch murder case - 42 stab wounds and no knife, no blood, no photos of the scene, no fingerprints. That's beyond homophobia - its sheer dereliction of duty. So now we hae a 2x murderer loose again.
We also have businessmen in Chaguanas clamoring for guns to "protect themselves". Right! And then they don't know how to use the gun, the thief steals it, and we have one more armed bandit. I think that crime is part of the price of progress, and something that we as a society have to work on, of course. BUT the way that we, as a society, have determined to manage crime is by the creation of a special force to deal with it - the police, ruled by law and restrained from the worst excesses by the Judiciary. This is so we don't have a vigilante society... with people with guns running around accountable to no-one.
We need to work at making our police service more effective. Not get ourselves guns; wall ourselves away in gated communities; lock ourselves up in burglar barred houses (so much so that we can't get out in a fire); and constrain our lives to the daylight hours. That's bad for us, bad for the society, and bad for the economy!

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